Words out of your Mouth

Blog by Donna Korchinski

Did you know that if you use swear words or curse words, you could be bringing on bad energy to yourself – including money problems, illness, or even unhappiness.

Did you know that the words that come out of your mouth can change your body’s chemistry and affect your health, your wealth and your overall happiness?

Take an example: If you say, “I can never do anything right”. This is like a command to your brain, your body, your cells, telling them – “this person can never do anything right”. It’s imprinted indelibly within you. It puts you on a path to “never doing anything right”. You stumble, you mumble, and you don’t even dare try anything new. You’re afraid of failing because you have this imprinted belief that you can never do anything right.

So, how do you change this belief or this way of thinking?

1. Change your wording. Try different sentences like:

“This seems a little challenging, but I know I can do it with a little effort”.

“I know I had some problems with this before, but this time can be different.”

“I do some things very well – so why not this?”

“I believe I can do it”.

2. Be aware of your thinking and your words. Catch yourself when you say, think or feel a negative thought – especially when it applies to yourself.

3. If something doesn’t turn out right, consider it part of your learning and be thankful for that learning.

4. Celebrate your victories. Give yourself a treat. Tell yourself, “Yay, I’m good at this!”

5. Look forward to new experiences, new challenges.

So next time you’re in a funky mood and you think you can’t do anything right, just sit down, breathe and tell yourself how great you are.

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