A new take on self-healing.

You may have heard me talking about my course, Wired to Heal. It’s a simplistic primer on how we can take responsibility for our own healing.

That philosophy of self-healing has been a big deal for me for a long time. The more I work with clients, the more I learn how important our beliefs in our own healing can heal ourselves.

A new take on a new idea came to me this morning.

I was feeling down. Sad. Sorry for myself. I’m still missing my husband who died 18 months ago. 

But I didn’t want to sit around and mope and feel sorry for myself, so I went back and watched some of my personal Facebook Live posts.

Self healing
Woman thinking of her future.

What I was doing, in fact, was listening to my own advice from those Facebook Live posts recorded over the past few months.

When I watched my own posts, it made me feel better. Who would have thought?

I was tapping into my own advice! I truly did feel better after viewing a few of my posts.

So, I wondered further. If I can feel better by viewing my own posts, why can’t we all do something similar.

How can you apply this to yourself?

Here’s how. You can do a quick video or audio post on your cell phone, or write out your inspiration in a diary or notebook.

Self Healing

If you get into the habit of writing or saying something positive to yourself on a regular basis, you will collect a lot of your own inner wisdom. It will be there to help you when you need it.  You could answer: What am I we grateful for? Did I help someone today? Did someone help me, or do something nice for me? What did I learn that was helpful to me? Was the weather nice? Did we get some needed rain? We can always find something positive, no matter how dark our lives may seem. Then, when we have moments when we need inspiration, we can turn to our own recorded or written inner wisdom.

It worked for me and I cannot see any reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

Wired To Heal

You don’t have to be some super writer or commentator. Just be yourself. You can do it with the idea that nobody but you will ever watch it, hear it or read it. It’s your inner you and it’s nobody’s business. But it can be powerful healing for you. Let me know if you have tried this and if it has worked for you.

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